Our Mission

At Reaper Off-Road, our main goal is to “Improve the off-road experience” on your ride.

We deliver on this goal by designing products that we love and use on our own vehicles. We run our products long before we ever send one to our first customer. If it doesn’t improve our experience, then it’s back to the drawing board until it does.

The industry is full of me too off-road companies that are building products based on what the competitor is doing.

At Reaper Off-Road, we're changing the game. Our products need to fit our lifestyle and solve our trail needs. We can't worry about the competition and what there stuff looks like. Our approach is to carve a new trail, find a new path that has not been taken. Join us on this quest to re-define what off-road means and make products that allow us and you to take our rigs to even greater extremes.

It all starts with an idea.

Take what you already know about off-road parts and throw it out the window. Grab a new sheet of paper and start imagining what it could be, not what it has been. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries of design in order to advance the science. Design and build something the world hasn't seen and enjoy the ride. The goal is in the journey, not the destination.

Form and Function

Our products need to perform as good as they look. We trail test our products, revision after revision, we improve how the product performs under different driving conditions. It doesn't get the Reaper logo until it meets our rigorous performance standards.

Luckily for us, shaping metal is second nature.

We've pushed the boundaries in performance muscle cars for years and have the catalog to prove it. Our fabricators are well trained and passionate about the products we create. Some of us love the trail and drive jeeps and trucks while others enjoy race cars and spend their weekends at the track. We’ve grown our brand in Stainless Works for last 25+ years. Now it’s time to take that skill and apply it to our new endeavor, Reaper Off-Road.

- The Reaper -