Made In The USA

Sick of the overseas products that don't fit right, prematurely fail, or are just plain designed poorly?

Yeah us too. That's why we set out to bring on the best engineering team and fabricators to design and build our products in house. We want full control from the idea to the physical product in our hands. No relying on outside manufacturing and hoping they can make our products right. Not on the Reaper brand!

We don't source everything from overseas and then assemble it and call it "Made In The USA".

We actually bring in American made raw materials from American plants, hire expert fabricators from the community, and actually make products in the USA. Actually our biggest department is our fabrication team, with over 30 skilled fabricators, these guys know how to make parts. When you buy products from Reaper Off-Road, you can rest assured some skilled American worker built your latest upgrade!

Our facility is state of the art, we embrace new technology and beat it to a pulp.

We make these new machines sing show tunes as they help us push the envelope in product design and manufacturing. We've got laser beams that cut steel like butter, tubing benders that create super smooth bends, and state of art robotic welders to lay down some dimes on that ass. This is why Reaper Off-Road has become synonymous with quality and design.