Get Ducked and Win a Bumper!

Here's how were doing it:

➤ We're going to Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion.

➤ On the way we are giving away a set of Jeep Bumpers.

➤ BUT... We're not just going to give them away with a standard boring drawing... We're dropping ducks from a helicopter to find the winner.

Want in on the action? Give us your info.

Join us for the drop on August 24th starting at 4:00pm, at North Knoxville CDJR: 225 Callahan Drive, Knoxville, TN 37912.

Get Ducked.
Host of our Duck Drop contest. Reaper Off-Road Authorized dealer.

Installing Contest Winner Bumpers.
Preorder and get your stuff installed here to be ready for the coming invasion.

Post-Contest ride along to the event.
Reaper staff will be in attendance. Stop by & see us... or else.

New Limited Edition Reaper Swag
Preorder now, get at GSMJI.

Enter the contest by filling out the form directly below!

Want to know more?

Reaper knows our products are some of the very best on the market for Jeep upgrades, and we always want to make it simple to get your hands on them. This summer, Reaper Off-Road is holding a contest so you can win a free set of bumpers. It’s as easy as filling out our contest form and counting your lucky ducks.

Prior to the kick-off of the event, you will be sent an email from us at Reaper with your assigned number. That number will correspond to a duck with the same number on it. On the day of the contest, there will be a helicopter fly-over and the illustrious staff at Reaper will be dropping ducks from it onto a target below. The winds of fate will decide whose duck lands closest and thus wins the coveted Jeep bumper prize! If the winner is present at the event they will also be eligible for a free installation of those bumpers at Gary’s Garage.